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For Residential

Zenith Landscape Designs has a creative approach that produces enjoyable, functional and sustainable spaces for the individual needs of our clients
Where sites require Council approval we are able to assist with and provide all the relevant plans, reports and information required for Council Development Applications and Complying Development Applications

Zenith Landscape Designs projects range from small scale sketch designs to large scale masterplans. Our Landscape Design Package delivers plans that are suited for both D.I.Y builders and construction quotations.

Landscape Design Package Process:

  • Consultation – Initial briefing of client needs and site inventory
  • Design Development
  • Preliminary ideas and draft concept to include site planning, suggested finishes and planting
  • Preparation of detailed landscape plans to enable construction

We can provide contacts for all products, services and contractors necessary to complete the implementation of the design or are happy to work with your selected contractor

To obtain a free quotation, arrange a consultation or request more information please contact us